As a no-kill animal shelter we have several dogs and cats that have been with us a long time.  They are very much loved and cared for at True Friends, but would love the chance to have a real home and family of their very own.  As they see many other dogs and cats come and go, they ask themselves,

“Why not Me”???

Poor Pepper. Pepper is one of our longest residents at the shelter. Our girl doesn’t exactly…….show……. so well. Pepper has a bit of a tough time in the kennel and makes it known. Unfortunately, her oh-so-charming demeanor in her kennel means there is not a soul that comes through our doors and asks to see our little cow dog. The saddest part about that is the fact that this girl is an absolute sweetheart from the moment you open that kennel door. She is not the dog you see in the cage. Although she can be a little nervous sometimes, she is friendly and loving and her absolute favorite thing to do is give hugs. Pepper can get a little protective of her people and surroundings, so a low traffic home would be best. She does need to be the only animal in a home with no children, but she is so worth a look. We are just dying for someone to even come ask about her. She just wants one hint of interest. Can you imagine being in a kennel for years and nobody ever wants to meet you??

Our boy, Judd, has done a 180 since his move down to the adoption floor. Judd can be picky with which adults he likes, but is becoming much more open since seeing so many new faces. He does not always put on his best face while in his kennel, but does much better when meeting people outside. Judd is great with children and has done well in all of his doggy meet and greets! We truly think this guy can shine in a home of his own. He does need a strong willed owner that will not be afraid of him, as that is what he respects. We know the right people have to be out there for our boy! Please, if he doesn’t sound like the right dog for you, that’s fine!! But, please share him!! He deserves to have a chance and we think he could really do well once out of the shelter and in a home where he feels safe and loved!! He has a sad backstory that took a toll on him and he needs some patience, but he is worth it!!

Hi I am Marcy! I came to the shelter as a kitten! I am very scared but I can still be petted. I have been here for my whole life and I am over 5 years old! Please consider adopting me. I am UTD on shots, spayed, and micro-chipped! 

Jeremy came in when he was just 8 weeks old with his sister, Torie, to the right. That was more than two years ago. He likes to be petted, but doesn’t really like being picked up. We would really love to see him get a home of his own. He is UTD, altered, and microchipped. Please give him the chance he deserves.