Surrendering A Pet

True Friends AWC exists as a no kill pet adoption facility serving Susquehanna and Wyoming Counties.  As such, we are dedicated to placing our animals in the most suitable homes possible.  This means they reside with us for an indefinite amount of time until that goal is met.  Unfortunately, we have limited space and manpower and are only able to accommodate incoming animals as space becomes available.

Surrendering an unwanted pet to a shelter should be a last resort after all other avenues have been explored.  Depending on the circumstances, this would include asking friends, relatives, co workers, and neighbors, placing ads(make sure to check references), seeking help from a professional trainer, or crate training in order to possibly keep the pet rather than give it up for adoption.

If there are no other options or perhaps temporary solutions, please understand we  will do our very best to accept adoptable pets as space allows.

We ask your patience and cooperation as the intake of certain pets is a priority due to extreme or urgent circumstances ( i.e.cruelty case,stray,or abandoned).


~Altered Dogs & Cats $100~

~Un-Altered Dogs & Cats $150~

~For dogs outside of Susquehanna, Lackawanna, or Wyoming counties, add $50~


*We are unable to take any cats outside of Susquehanna county, cats are currently on a wait list*

*Our space is limited and all fees go toward the care of your animal including medical expenses*