Maddie May-My Faithful Companion

Maddie May-My Faithful Companion

In December 2002, after having to put down my first beagle, Pipper, I uttered the famous last words “I’ll never have another one”…..and I didn’t until May 2003 when Maddie’s picture was featured in the Weekender.

She was a beautiful 3 year old tri-color beagle girl and I decided to go and “just look.” Yea, right. As soon as our eyes met, she knew she was going home with me.

Every time I walked away from her kennel, she’d howl that beautiful beagle bay, as if to say “Hey, don’t you get it? I’m going home with YOU!” And so she did. For nine wonderful years. She chased a few rabbits, killed a chipmunk and many mice, (much to the cat’s dismay).

Maddie hated thunderstorms as much as spending time in her kennel. After destroying 2 kennels, I decided to let her “free range” in the house, and she enjoyed, but never abused that privilege. She loved playing keep-away with her blue ball. Her talent was baying…with the ball in her mouth! Such a silly girl she was.

On May 17, 2012, I held Maddie as she crossed over the Rainbow Bridge with help from her friends at Southtown Vet Clinic. She was buried in the coolness of the woods on the edge of our property. Her name tag from her collar is now on my keyring, but more importantly, the memory of stroking her long silky ears, and gazing into her lovely brown eyes, will stay forever in my heart.

I love and miss you, Maddie May. Rest in peace.
Diane Grick


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