Did you KNOW!? I DIDN’T!!! Recycle Your Live Christmas Tree!

Did you KNOW!? I DIDN'T!!! Recycle Your Live Christmas Tree!

A true sign that the holidays are over: discarded Christmas trees along the street. But did you know that those bristly branches are like Skittles for goats?

“It’s like candy to them,” says Ellen Felsenthal, founder of New Moon Farm Goat Rescue and Sanctuary in Arlington, Wash., who feeds them to her animals. “They eat hay every day, so they get bored. The trees are a big treat for them.”

Goats love Christmas trees, they clean it up, strip all the bark off. The remaining tree trunk could be sold to a youth group, to be cut, packaged and sold as firewood. So the recycling keeps going on and on through all levels insects, birds, people and different groups of people.

*****Please make sure your tree is real (seems obvious, but who knows), clear of ALL lights/ornaments/hooks and has not been treated with fire retardant and/or pesticides! Then just find a willing goat owner! THANKS Jennifer Staskiel-Vieczorek for your suggestion!

Contact the Following:
PA Farm Animal Rescue

Susquehanna County 4H


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