Low Cost Spay Neuter Program



In an ongoing effort to reduce the overpopulation of unwanted and homeless pets in our community, True Friend’s goal is to offer a low-cost spay/ neuter program to assist responsible pet owners and animal advocates to alter their furry companions.

Purchase your voucher at True Friends today to have your furry friend altered:

Female Dogs – $95.00
Male Dogs – $75.00
Female Cat – $60.00
Male Cat – $50.00

Please check with your veterinarian to confirm they accept our voucher as a full payment.      

For more information please call:


Kindred Spirits next Neuter Clinic at True Friends:

To Be Announced

~Neuter $20~
~Distemper Vaccine $12 ~
~Rabies Vaccine $10~
~Nail Clipping $5~

Kindred Spirits presently can only alter male cats

Please schedule appointment by calling:


Special Instructions:

-Payment is due at drop off

-Checks and Cash Only, Check Payable to:

Kindred Spirits

-Drop off between 9:30- 10:00 AM
-Pick up at 1:00 PM
-No food or water after 8:00 PM the night before
-Must be transported in hard carrier with no blankets or towels