Mission Statement:

Our committed purpose is to bring together a united community to protect the lives of our homeless animals. It is our pursuit to place as many of our animal friends into the compassionate home they undeniably deserve.”

True Friends Animal Welfare Center is a 501c3 non-profit, no-kill shelter serving as a safe refuge for animals in need.

Who We Are

True Friends Animal Welfare Center is a 501c3 non-profit, no-kill shelter serving animals in need throughout Susquehanna & Wyoming Counties.

What We Do

True Friends Animal Welfare Center (TFAWC) takes in dozens of Susquehanna and Wyoming counties unwanted, neglected and/or abused dog and cats each month. Do you ever wonder where the money comes from to maintain the shelter? It doesn’t come from the government or county funding.

TFAWC’s financial support comes from the generosity of caring individual like you!

With your help and generosity TFAWC  has successfully adopted out thousands of animals bringing tremendous joy and happiness to the people who adopted them.


Dory Browning

Executive Director

Gretchen Ussery

Chief Animal Care Specialist

Makala Mack

Operational Assistant

Jonathan Onyon

Animal Care Specialist

Danny Koziel

Animal Care Specialist

Helen Sershen

Animal Care Specialist

Matt Arnold

Animal Care Specialist

Marci Cohen Zeiler

Animal Care Specialist

Kim Holzlein

Animal Care Attendant

Jan Lee

Animal Care Attendant

Sara Alwill

Animal Care Attendant

Board Of Directors

















Dedicated Volunteers

Amy Uggiano

Fundraising/ Medical Coordinator

Bill Sheehan

Dog Walking/ Socialization

Mason Christ

Dog Walking/ Socialization

Linda Lee

Cat Specialist

Joe Uggiano

``Freedom Ride`` Transport

Kim McCain

Dog Walking/ Socialization

Susie Breese

Dog Walking/ Socialization

Sherri Breese

Dog Walking/ Socialization

Ken Florance

Dog Walking/ Socialization

Kaz Nitta

Dog Walking/ Socialization

Maria Small


Sian Emerson

Cat Specialist

Mark Abushady


Janet Domasiewicz


Richard Himko

Dog Walking/ Socialization

Lee Herbert

Dog Walking/ Socialization

Stef Kile

Dog Walking/ Dog & Cat Socialization

Kory Glahn

Dog Walking/ Dog & Cat Socialization

Joanne Philbin- Mayerzak


Randy Titus

Technical Support

Some History About True Friends


True Friends Animal Welfare Center’s Background:  

In December 2010 the journey began for the establishment of True Friends Animal Welfare Center.  At that time a small group of concerned citizens were informed the Pennsylvania SPCA made the decision to close the Montrose Animal Shelter in March 2011.  They immediately contacted the management of the PSPCA and negotiated an agreement that allowed for local residents of the community to take over management of the shelter.  In April 2011 True Friends was born.  True Friends management is a dedicated team with a driven purpose to keep our local shelter open for protecting the lives of our homeless animals.

Shelter History:

The animal shelter located in Montrose, Pennsylvania was founded in the 1930’s.  During its 80 years of existence it has saved the lives of thousands of animals and brought tremendous joy and happiness to the people who adopted them.  Throughout the years the shelter has been a key asset to the community.

Three of the essential benefits the shelter provides are:

Public Health

Minimizing public health hazards by assisting in the control of stray animals.


Rescue innocent animals from a lifetime of neglect and suffering.


Matches animals with loving families.

Today the shelter continues its tradition to be a tremendous benefit to the community.  Throughout 2015, True Friends has taken in 425 animals in need, returned 88 safely to their owners, supplied 21 with lifesaving medical care, and placed 352 homeless animals in forever homes.  We have also taken great steps in making our facility the closest thing to a real, loving home for the animal residents we consider family.

We are incredibly grateful to all our exceptionally dedicated volunteers and supporters who made this all possible.  The future is looking bright for our shelter and our animal friends because of all of you!


The management of True Friends is committed to bring together a united community to protect the lives of our homeless animals as well as educate proper ownership.  It is our pursuit to place as many of our animal friends into the compassionate home they undeniably deserve.   To accomplish these goals True Friends will:

    ~Stay dedicated to our strong belief of being a no-kill animal shelter

    ~Strengthen our spay/ neuter program to minimize the overpopulation of homeless and suffering dogs and cats

    ~Educate responsible pet ownership

    ~Give back to our community through therapy programs

    ~Continue our goal of making our shelter a more enriching environment for the animals in our care

    ~Work towards our goal of being able to help more animals throughout Wyoming and Susquehanna Counties


To be successful in meeting the objective of protecting the lives of our homeless animals, the management team understands that it requires a United Community; therefore, True Friends will keep the strong traditions of the shelter while expanding the functions to make it a true community center.  Our plans include:

  • Active involvement from the communities, schools, and local businesses
  • Provide animal care services and animal training programs
  • Provide therapy dog training and services
  • Accommodate local craftsmen and artists by displaying/ selling their products