Our First Foster Dog – Bo

Our First Foster Dog - Bo

My husband and I had always considered fostering a dog, but like many other people we had concerns. How would the dog get along with our 2 dogs and cat? And of course the fear of “foster failure”.

Last May True Friends told us of the plight of a senior black Lab mix named Bo that was up at the shelter. He was there for awhile and nobody was interested in him. He was about 12 or 13, drooled, and had goopy eyes that required cleaning several times a day. Not too many people’s dream dog to say the least. His health didn’t seem too great and he was languishing in the shelter environment as it’s especially hard on the older dogs.

After hearing about him we easily made the big leap of accepting responsibility of fostering Bo. We figured he could live out whatever time he had left with us, and I assure you we didn’t think it would be more than a couple of months judging from how he appeared Mother’s Day weekend 2011 when we picked him up.

The first couple of days were challenging as we learned about each other. We discovered that he had limited vision and his hearing was failing as well. But he was the sweetest, biggest goofball that we had ever seen. He was a silly bundle of love that made us smile and laugh every single day with his antics. My favorite was when he’d get excited and want to play he’d jump in a circle and bark, hardly able to contain himself!

Bo improved greatly while he was with us, I’d even say he flourished. He took daily long walks with us and our other dogs, he played tug of war with our 16 pound Pug/JR mix (he was about 70 pounds). It was hilarious! Bo did some crazy things! We would notice him stumble down steps he couldn’t see well or walk straight into something – and watch him bounce back up with a big smile on his face for his next “trick”. Nothing ever fazed Bo, no matter what his failing health dealt him he persevered with a smile and just moved on.

As we suspected nobody ever expressed any interest in adopting him, and that was secretly OK with us 🙂 He had gooped his way into our hearts, and our pack was better for having him in it. Sadly on January 7 of this year, 8 months after he came to us, sweet Bo could barely stand. I knew in my heart before that fateful visit to the vet that afternoon that it was his time.

We spent the day cuddling with him and telling him what a good boy he was and how much we loved him. We learned a lot about grace and acceptance of your circumstances from sweet Bo. We learned that it’s OK to “fail” as a foster (and that sometimes it is meant to be). Lastly, it deeply touched our hearts to give the simple pleasures of a loving home to a senior dog. Since then we have fostered and successfully placed Mitzi for True Friends into a furever home and currently have another senior foster.

We’re so glad to have been blessed with Bo and will continue to help other dogs in his honor.

Miss and love you BoBo
Joann DeLucia Curtis and Pack


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