Goodbye Munchie: John and Carol Sosnoski

Goodbye Munchie:  John and Carol Sosnoski

Goodbye Munchie:

It is with great sadness that we must say goodbye to our pet, Munchie (aka Munchkin). Our little Jack Russell that we got from TFAWC. She had become ill after the holidays and after a much agonizing discussion between ourselves and our veterinarian we decided to put her to sleep on February  2nd. Her health deteriorated and she didn’t eat for several days, so we decided it was her way of saying that her old body just couldn’t fight any more.

Though we only had her for about a year and a half, we knew what we were getting into by adopting a dog in the twilight of her life and gave her a good home in the short time we had her. She brought us much happiness and we hope we did the same for her.

However, Munchie’s legacy was that she was the one that linked us with True Friends. She gave us the opportunity to show what dedication and good things TFAWC does for the community and the animals. It also showed us another dog that we adopted from TFAWC (Sad Eyes) who has since been renamed Squadoosh.

Perhaps Munchie was here for a purpose.

John and Carol Sosnoski


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