A Tribute to Houston the Terrier-ble

A Tribute to Houston the Terrier-ble

Houston and Macy

When my son and I saw the two beautiful purebred dogs that were Houston’s parents (one a  sweet calm miniature Schnauzer the other a spunky Scottish Terrier) we couldn’t resist getting one of the adorable puppies!

We envisioned a beautiful dog, one that people would gasp at it’s cuteness, asking us “Where did you get that gorgeous dog?”, long car rides to far off vacation spots, playing catch and snuggling on the couch with our new loyal friend.

Houston was, however, so ugly, grumpy, miserable and independent that… he was cute! He looked like a muppet, not real, but full animated!

He was worse then a grumpy old man, didn’t listen, would run away from you (for miles) every chance he got, no one could ever catch him, he hated car rides, he chewed his tail raw, wore a medical cone because of his chewing and used it like a weapon banging your shins when he wanted something, he was smelly, had frequent stomach trouble, his vet bills out weighed our medical bills two-to-one, his obedience trainer quit, neighbors complained, the list of how bad Houston was could go on and on!

OH! and I almost forgot, Houston hardly even acknowledged our presence, he was NOT a pack dog.

He tolerated Macy when she came along and I think, perhaps she has picked up some of Houston’s independence, but the fact is I think he liked Macy more than us!

But, alas Houston was our dog for better or worse and we loved him with all our hearts. I wouldn’t have changed one minute of our time together!

The Bogedin Family


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